BAYES Analytics Consulting


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke

In a world with accelerating technological advancement we are surrounded by magical systems more and more. While this often puts us into awe, it increasingly poses a problem. We are at risk of losing understanding and control of our own systems. The transition to magic happens at the boundary of our understanding.

Our goal is to push that boundary as far as we can. We are curious learners. But to cut through complexity and to not get overwhelmed this is not sufficient. What we found helpful is the adoption of principles found by by great thinkers and proven over time. We often reject typical consulting speech. We seek solid understanding of the fundamentals and constantly try to improve our discernement capabilities. This enables us to do predictions and to solve problems that others repeatedly fail at. We radically improve processes that already have been optimized and disproove ideas that seemed clever. This sets us apart.

Who we are

We are trained in mathematics, physics and computer science. We love software, data and tech in general. We bring with us an entrepreneurial spirit. We are curious minds that seek inspiration from arts, nature and history.

We stay hungry. We stay foolish.