We have collected our experience in our offerings in the following industries:

Fields of Expertise

We either are ourselves experts in these fields or have close contact and access to leaders in these fields:

  • Cloud and Edge Computing
  • AI/ML/Deep Learning
  • Bayesian and Causal Models
  • Low and high level programming
  • Web and Mobile App development
  • Aspects of IT Security
  • Cryptography (Elliptic Curves, Homomorphic Encryption, Lattice crypto)
  • Blockchain (Bitcoin, Smart Contracts)
  • Simulations (Monte Carlo, System Dynamics, Plant Simulation)
  • Pricing and other optimization problems (LP/NLP/TSP/Vickrey)
  • Company and team building
  • Agile approach to product development
  • Quantum Computing
  • Voice Apps and Chat Bots

Departments we talk with

  • C-level execs
  • Sales and Marketing
  • R&D
  • Controlling
  • Risk Management
  • IT