Removing the GDPR Burden

GDPR (or DSGVO, the equivalent German abbreviation) poses a significant burden on small and mid sized companies. We joined forces with a very strong team of lawyers who specialized in data protection. Together we founded the APJ Software company and built the SODA App SaaS. Data protection officers using our app improve the overall efficiency of their workflow by more than 100%. But more importantly, we bring peace of mind at the click of a button.

Meanwhile we achieve operational costs of our infrastructure of under 5 €cents per account, while having total confidence in our app what concerns scalability and security. This is not something we believe would have been achievable just five years earlier, not with the little resources we have invested.

So how did we do that?

In short, we built our app serverless, or using JAMStack, a more trendy nerdlingo for the same thing. We use the amazing AWS Amplify Framework and leverage many of the AWS services, for (almost) free. It makes sense because we know for a fact that Amazon spends tremendous amounts on security that only a very small number of companies can afford. It makes sense because the AWS services are mature and scale to apps of a size that is orders of magnitudes larger than ours. It makes sense because AWS charges on per-request basis for most of the services, and their services get cheaper and cheaper.

We believe that web apps should be built this way and only this way. (We are not saying that AWS is the only alternative, far from it. A JAMStack can be achieved based on IPFS, too, and since we are believers of decentralization, we are actively researchint in that direction.)

We observe that more and more business logic is moving toward the edge (into the browser in this case). A trend that is enhanced by technologies like WebAssembly (WASM allows to compile C for running in the browser, with near native speeds) and WebGL (that opens the power of the GPU to the browser, see e.g. what Uber does with it). A shift that we embrace. Tensorflow.js allows us to bring smartness closer to the user.

We are moving fast (in particular for German standards). We push the limits of what legal tech is and will become. Stay tuned.

If you need consulting on the topic, want to help to build a serverless app, or a team that does, or just want us to give a talk, don't hesitate to contact us.